Cloud computing and what it means for Video Surveillance

Though 9 out 10 businesses have adopted cloud technology, but when it comes to Video Surveillance on Cloud, concept is still new enough mainly due to certain technology limitation on video compression, transmission availability of seamless network connectivity.

With advent of compression technologies such as H.264 / H.265, better capability of 3G/4G/LTE networks to transmit video newer, video analytics combined with Cloud technology advances and greater bandwidth availability are making cloud video surveillance as a service also called VSaaS, making it increasingly attractive.

The advantage of a hosted solution is that an organisation can spend time on core business and still have all the possibilities from a traditional video surveillance system, such as reviewing recorded videos and getting event notifications and remote access to cameras from any location that provides an internet connection. Meaningful video data is automatically pushed and stored in the cloud at a remote and highly secure data centre, ready to be streamed to any device – whether a tablet, mobile phone or web browser.

VSaaS refers to hosted cloud-based video surveillance typically includes video recording, storage, remote viewing, management alerts, cyber security and more, offers substantial economies of scale with several contributing factors for an overall lower total cost of ownership.

Lower upfront capital costs

A well-established cloud based solution with reduced upfront capital costs, offering businesses the opportunity to invest capital into core business areas.

Hardware optimization

Because multiple organizations share server infrastructure, hardware is more fully utilized, with distributed energy, air-conditioning, networking and management the overall cost of supporting infrastructure is lower than ever.

Reduced IT Costs

The expenses of experienced IT personnel is typically higher over a time period than the cost of hardware and software. In case of cloud based solution, these recurring costs are shared. Since data centres provide support to diverse customer base, technical skill set better on the specific subject of server and backend management.

Reliability & Redundancy

Uptime of the solution and high availability of the video data is the key. Cloud data centres are designed to be highly redundant and reliable equipped with additional hardware to protect against failures.

The growth in VSaaS is being driven by increased security and safety concerns, theft, traffic surveillance and government regulations. While CCTV systems are an established tool in detecting damage, theft, intrusion or natural disaster – viewing recorded footage after the event is often too late. VSaaS enables businesses to monitor their environment, respond quickly, and control the situation – and to reduce potential liability and improve operations.

With technology progression of IoT, the need to share data between applications, assets, infrastructure and people becomes imperative. Solutions which include capturing GPS data, alarms, environmental data inputs and Video surveillance are being actively deployed in Fleet Management applications, City Bus transport management, School Bus Surveillance and School bus GPS tracking to give shape to Smart transportation of the future.